2nd DUT Institutional Research Conference

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The 2nd DUT Institutional Research Conference -Student Centredness for Student Success will take place from
29th – 30th August 2017
Venue: TBC

Conference Announcement and Call for Abstracts

Student-centredness for Student Success
“Student success” is a complex construct, and may perhaps be described operationally as the achievement of desired outcomes. Quantifiable measures of success include academic achievement, student retention, and throughput and graduation rates. While many factors impact student success, there is a growing body of literature on the role of student engagement in achieving successful outcomes. Student engagement encompasses the attitudes and behaviours of students in relation to the learning experience. The Siyaphumelela (We Succeed) Project t is focused on student success through the data lens, and seeks to promote student success by identifying and understanding how students learn, the types of educational activities that take place, both inside and beyond the classroom, and hence what institutions can do to promote effective learning.

Our 2nd Institutional Research Conference is being held under the auspices of the Siyaphumelela Project and Institutional Research and is being hosted by the Institutional Planning Unit. It builds on the ethos and the objectives of the first IR Conference held in 2015 which encompassed building an understanding of the DUT community – who and what we are, who our students are, and how we can improve our decisions and processes for the benefit of our students. The 2017 IR Conference focuses on what it means to be a student-centred University that puts “student success” at the heart of what we, as a University community, are all about. This is a conference that is for the whole University – all staff, and students themselves, are responsible for student success.

The broad theme of the 2017 DUT Institutional Research Conference is “Student-centredness for student success.” We invite you to share your scholarly and empirical enquiries and practice on the determinants of student success at DUT in the following areas:
1. What is “Student Success” in the DUT context?
2. High-impact practices (HIPs) to facilitate student success at DUT;
3. Designing and implementing a student-centred curriculum at DUT;
4. Engagement Matters – fostering and promoting staff and student engagement in multi-dimensions and directions.
Staff and students are invited to submit an abstract for a paper or poster on any of the sub-themes above.
Each paper will be limited to 15-20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion and questions.
A session will be allocated for poster presentations.
Criteria for the selection of Abstract
– Clear focus on one or more of the sub-themes;
– Adherence to the technical criteria (length; submission deadlines etc.);
– The presentation includes practical reflection on the real-world experience of teaching and learning at DUT.

Submission procedure

Abstracts of 250-300 words (excluding references) should be submitted to institresconf@dut.ac.za by 23 June 2017.

Further details regarding the Conference will be posted on the Conference website at a later stage.

Please contact institresconf@dut.ac.za or the Planning office (Ansuya 2452/Meluleki 6023)