BTech: Construction Management

The graduate will co-ordinate and control sub-contractors, the labour force and all other resources on a contract, such as plant, materials and finances, work in close conjunction with the professional team and share the responsibility of remaining within the contract budget and completing the project on time.

After gaining sufficient practical experience, the graduates should be in a position to carry full responsibility for the overall management of a project. This is a key position and they must understand both the problems of management and the problems of construction. The smooth co-ordination of planning, administration and execution depend on the Construction Manager. This qualification provides a route to registration as a construction/construction project manager.


A National Diploma: Building, or equivalent qualification.

Inaddition, where a diplomate wishes to continue to the next (fourth level) of study in the year following completion of the diploma, a minimum average mark of 60% is required in the NDip: Building as well as a minimum of 60 % in the subject Construction Management 3. A minimum of one year of appropriate experience in the Construction Management field is required if a student fails to satisfy the 60 % average requirement.

As places on the Course are limited, a selection process is implemented.

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