Faculties Join Forces To Create a Digital Arts Lab at Digifest 4

Faculties Join Forces To Create a Digital Arts Lab at Digifest 4


The Faculty of Arts and Design did an interdisciplinary project with the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics for the 2017 Durban University of Technology’s Digital Arts and Design Festival.

This LabInter Project arose out of a commitment which is directly related to the forthcoming International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2018 as well as with guidance from Professor Andreia Oliviera from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil.

Professor Oliviera created the LabInter Project which is an interactive interdisciplinary laboratory and creation place that has become a place of discussion and development of e-Learning prototypes and pilot projects which are built through such interdisciplinary, interactive and collaborative experiences.

Students from the Fine Art Department and the Information Technology Department came together and planned the successful project.

Master of Technology in Fine Art student and project leader, Luyanda Zindela explained, “It’s an interdisciplinary project in which Professor Oliviera has experience in creating an interdisciplinary digital arts lab. It’s a lab where students from different faculties like creative arts and science came together with the aim of creating a digital arts-based project.”

The project was a performance, interactive installation that was activated at on one of the spaces at City campus during the DigiFest 4.

“The aim of the project was to allow for comments on student access to financial aid using access to ‘water’ as a metaphor,” said Zindela.

Audiences were asked to complete a questionnaire which determined how much access they would have to financial aid and that access was represented by the amount of ‘water’ they had received.

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology student, Fanie Ndlovu said, “My experience with this project was awesome. As an IT student, I got to interact with students from different disciplines and I learnt how to infuse science with art,” he said excitedly.

Pictured: FoAD’s Executive Dean, Dr Rene Smith and Professor Oliviera with the students.
Carly van der Westhuizen

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