Prof. Ashley H.A. Ross – Associate Professor
D.Tech.Hom (DUT) M.Tech.Hom (TN) PGDip. Health Res Eth (SU) B.Mus. (UCT) MHSA MLMHI
Professor Ross is an Associate Professor in Homoeopathy. He has been teaching Homoeopathic philosophy and Materia Medica for 19 years. In addition to teaching, he engages in clinical and research supervision. In 2011 he completed doctoral research investigating the relationship of pathogenetic trial data to the scientific and traditional African understandings of medicinal plants. He has delivered lectures and seminars in South Africa, India and the UK, and has presented research papers at a number of national and international congresses. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice journal and a reviewer of submissions to both the Homeopathy journal and the Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy. Professor Ross is an active member of the Executive Committee of the International League of Homoeopathic Physicians (LMHI) and Chair of their Committee for Provings. He is the representative for Homoeopathy on the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) and both Vice-Chairperson of the AHPCSA and Chairperson of its Education Committee.

Dr Cornelia Hall –  Senior Lecturer
M.Tech. Hom (TN) B.Sc. (PU for CHE)
Tel: 031 373 2483
Dr Hall has been lecturing Diagnostics III, Materia Medica III and Clinical Homoeopathy V for nearly 17 years at the Department of Homoeopathy, and has extensive experience in research supervision at a Masters level. She has a special interest in homoeopathic interventions relating to paediatrics and gynaecology.

Dr Madhueshwaree Maharaj – Head of Department and Senior Lecturer
M.Tech. Hom (DIT) Cert. Ayurveda-Primary Health Care (UKZN)
Tel: 031 373 2481
Dr Maharaj obtained her Masters Degree in Homoeopathy from the Durban Institute of Technology, and began her career as a lecturer soon afterwards. Her special interests lie in teaching homoeopathic Materia Medica to the third and fourth year students, as well as supervising research and clinical trials for her Masters research students. She also holds a certificate from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Ayurveda and is currently working to obtain a certificate in Family Constellations and Systemic therapy. Apart from her busy private practice, Dr Maharaj also serves as a homoeopathic practitioner at the Roseheights community clinic in Chatsworth.

Dr Ingrid Couchman – Lecturer
M.Tech. Hom (DIT)
Tel: 031 373 2482
Dr Couchman lectures Clinical Homoeopathy IV, Auxillary Therapeutics III and Diagnostics III. She is the head clinician at the Kenneth Gardens Homoeopathic Community Clinic and is involved in international collaboration for student exchange. Dr Couchman is also a member of the Teaching, Learning, Access and Undergraduate Committee (TLAUC) and also supervises Masters level research at DUT. She has presented homoeopathic research internationally and has been published in journals.

Dr. Jabu Ngobese-Ngubane – Lecturer
M.Tech. Hom (DUT)
Head clinician: Ukuba Nesibindi Homoeopathic Community Clinic
Tel: 031 373 2484
Dr. Ngobese-Ngubane has been with the Department of Homoeopathy since 2006 and currently lectures Clinical Homoeopathy IV, Topographical Anatomy I, Radiographic Anatomy I, Auxiliary Therapeutics III, Diagnostics IV, Materia Medica I, Materia medica II and IsiZulu III – V. She is also the head clinician at the Ukuba Nesibindi Homoeopathic Community Clinic. Dr. Ngobese is also the author of a chapter titled ‘’Healing Warwick Junction through Homoeopathy’’ in the book Researching Durban. She also supervises M. Tech research.


Mrs Sharon Gay Brecher – Homoeopathic Clinic Secretary
Tel: 031 373 2513
Mrs Brecher (or more affectionately called ‘’Mrs. B’’ by the staff and students) is a trained nurse who formerly worked at the Entabeni Hospital for 16 years. Following that, Mrs. Brecher then worked at the radiology laboratories at Lake Smit and Partners for 6 years, before joining the Homoeopathic Clinic as the secretary 18 years ago. During this time, Mrs Brecher has looked after the operational aspects of the main clinic at the Durban University of Technology and handles all aspects of administration regarding the clinic and its protocols.

Gugulethu Mkhwanazi – Clinic Receptionist
Tel: 031 373 2041
Gugu began working at the Department of Homoeopathy in 2006 and works primarily in booking appointments and engaging with patients at our ‘’frontline’’. Much of her time is also devoted in assisting with the efficient management of the on-campus clinic.


Dr Shraddha Brijnath – Laboratory Technician
M.Tech. Hom (DUT)
Tel: 031 373 3002
Dr Brijnath completed her Masters Degree in Homoeopathy in 2013 whilst working at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine. In 2014, Dr Brijnath joined the Department of Homoeopathy as the laboratory technician, and works consistently in the production and dispensing of homoeopathic pharmaceuticals for both clinical and research use. She also assists in the Homoeopharmaceutics course with the fourth year students.