Find the Right Balance and Achieve Your Dreams

Craige Dewar

Dedication and determination were two words that best described Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Craige Dewar’s success in his studies.

The 46-year-old Pietermaritzburg student, graduated cum laude and received the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award for academic excellence in the Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Management at the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment session at 5 pm.

As every hard work bears fruitful rewards, Dewar said he did not expect such results as he was just focusing on passing his studies. “It has been somewhat of a challenge as I have had to find the right balance between my studies, work and family life. However, I have enjoyed it and gathered valuable knowledge. I am somewhat surprised to be graduating cum laude, as my main aim was to pass and make my family proud. To receive the Dean’s Merit award is definitely a great honour and a double achievement for me,” said Dewar.
Having a role model in his own family was the best motivation that kept him striving for more in his career, even at his age.

“Definitely, my family encouraged me along this journey, and my late father in-law, Mr Icaro Sanna, was a huge inspiration to me as he was a civil engineer from Italy with a Doctorate in Civil Engineering. His work ethic was impeccable and I always wish to strive towards that,” he said.

The dedicated Dewar encouraged others to keep pursuing their academic dreams, regardless of any circumstances or time constraints.  “Do not give up, believe that you will achieve what you have set out to do no matter how long it takes and what age you are,” said Dewar.

Pictured: Craige Dewar is ecstatic on obtaining cum laude and the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award for academic excellence.

Mbuso Kunene