“The Importance of Good PR in Various Fields” Seminar a Success

pr seminar

Empowering Public Relations Management students and encouraging confidence in not only themselves but their work as well, was the focal point of the “The Importance of Good PR in Various Fields” seminar, hosted by third year Public Relations Management Student, Nkululeko Mbatha at the Cane Growers Hall, ML.

The seminar consisted of various speakers such as Cum Laude and Deans Merit award recipient and PR graduate Shuratta Muyeni, DUT Communications Manager Noxolo Memela, former Miss SA Teen 2009 1st Princess and former face of Garnier Lucky Mthembu and businessman and founder of Indoni Models, Derreck Mhlongo.

The guests shared their success stories, provided guidance to students as they prepare for their careers in PR. Mthembu and Mhlongo spoke of their experiences and how they managed to have their brands rise from challenges, whilst Muyeni and Memela focused on principles of PR, branding, image management and social media. In her address, Muyeni primarily focused on the importance of self-branding, public relations in the digital world. “Start thinking of yourself as a brand, reinvent and be purposeful in what you do. Technology and the digital world has taken over and I would advise more people to take an interest in it because a few years from now, almost everything will be digital,” she said.

Meanwhile, Memela a former Journalist/PR and Media Officer spoke about knowing and understanding your brand. She highlighted the importance of respect, professionalism and humility in the workplace and the field of PR, Media and Communications, since they are all related and are very competitive sectors. “Know and understand your brand and its principles at the same time know and understand your target market. It is very important to respect not only yourself but those you work with. Always be presentable, humility will take you very far but be firm at the same time. When you respect people, they will respect you and your brand, taking yourself seriously will also make the same apply for your brand. Always take pride in your work and stand for what you believe in but never be arrogant. This is a field about people and they can make or break you and your brand,” said Memela. Furthermore, she added that it was essential for students to explore as many fields that are relevant to PR such as marketing, sales, business and Journalism since it is a competitive industry.
Elaborating and echoing the first two speakers’ sentiments, Mthembu spoke about how she as a brand faced challenges and rose from them. She highlighted the importance of rebuilding yourself after your image has been tarnished.

Concluding the seminar was Mhlongo who spoke about how he overcame stereotypes, emerged in the business sector and applying yourself in every task.

Pictured: guest speakers Shuratta Muyeni (Cum laude and Deans Merit PR Graduate),Noxolo Memela (DUT Communications Manager), Lucky Mthembu (Former Face of Garnier and former Miss SA Teen 2009 1st Princess), Derrick Mhlongo (Businessman and founder of Indoni Models) and Nkululeko Mbatha (3rd PR Student and Seminar Organiser).

Nomfundo Ngcobo