Spring Graduation
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Study Further, Elated Graduates Urged

Graduates at the Durban University of Technology were encouraged to study further as the University’s 2015 April

DigiTalk: Mango Innovation

The song among certain folks in Brisbane is “we love braaivleis, Mrs Balls Chutney, and Packo ….” I

“Deeper Issues Behind Xenophobic Attacks”

The human capacity to construct “the other”, the idea that they are somehow different and superior to another

Statement on Xenophophic Attacks

The management, staff and students of the Durban University of Technology adds to the many strong voices condemning

Using Research to Avert Disaster Before it Strikes

Without a doubt, near miss and minor incidents (NM&MI) – which are often ignored because they do not

Addressing Xenophobia 

In addressing the current attacks on foreigners and the looting of their businesses, the Durban University of

All Set for Graduation 

A total of 5405 students will graduate from the Durban University of Technology during the upcoming April Graduation

Dead Battery? Solar-charge It!

With the country’s power grid severely constrained,  students  from DUT’s Green Campus Initiative (GCI) worked towards the

Have Compassion Online

I had been feeling smug recently with my “Safe Internet for Parents” talk, which I deliver as a

Universities as a Tool of Transformation

Looking into the issue of universities as a tool of transformation and the theory and practice of education at these

Augment your reality

Research emanates from curiosity. Remember the puzzling, maddening inane questions kids asked adults until the

Reducing Dropout Rates

Students are struggling and many of them are dropping out. Between 50% to 60%

e-Learning: the Future

With increasing numbers using e-learning to support their teaching practice, the Durban

DUT Launches Post Apartheid Books

The Urban Futures Centre at DUT (UFC@DUT), the University of KwaZulu-Natal

Combating Gender-based Violence

“I came out of my husband’s jail and entered the jail of law. It is here where I

Khuli Chana Rocks RadioDUT’s Airwaves

In celebrating his 10 anniversary in the music industry and promoting his latest song

Nedbank Cup Football Fan Fashion Hits DUT  

The Nedbank Cup Football Fan Fashion (#FFF) Journey will mark another milestone

HIV/AIDS Peer Educators’ Training

The DUT HIV/AIDS Centre recently held its HIV/AIDS Peer Educators’ Training

Talking Timber and Chemistry at DUT

Finding out what chemicals extend the life of timber and the role chemistry plays were the points of

A Rainbow of Hope at DUT

DUT staff and students coloured their hair in all colours of the rainbow for cancer awareness. The Cansa Association

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