Spring Graduation
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The ‘Personal Digital Terminal’ Accelerates Technological Growth in China

Learning more about the Chinese culture, Chinese language and traditions, form part of the goals, delivered by the

Peace Oasis International launches ‘STOP THE HUNGER PROGRAMME’

Peace Oasis International is an NPO ,registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa. It came

Nothing Is Impossible If Goals Are Set Correctly!

When Denisha Govender first started studying at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), her aim was to develop

Fashion, An Important Element Of Graduation!

Tailored suits, designer dresses, lace fabrics, bedazzled nails, the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics dressed to ‘impress’ at

Nkosi’s Ambition Changes Gears from a Truck Driver to a CA

Thokozani Nkosi’s ambition was once to become a truck driver when he was still attending school in the

Nkosi Aspires to be an Innovator and Change Driver

Sanele Nkosi credits the impact of the Residence Education Programme at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), and

Siyaya Attributes His Academic Excellence to Hard Work and Commitment

“Knowing my background and having a desire to change it, has always been a driving force behind my

Mbhele’s Passion For Food Earns Her Cum Laude

“After hearing the good news on my achievement, I just felt so grateful, blessed and honoured that all

Achieve Your Goals And Dreams Will Come True!

“Part of me knew it was coming and the other denied any expectations. So, when I received the

Niekerk’s Path of Discovery enabled Her To Learn And Grow

“Achieving a Cum Laude is certainly one of my greatest accomplishments.  I worked hard to make this happen,

Gwanya’s Fascination With Plants Earns Her Cum Laude

“When had I learnt of my achievements I felt a great amount of joy, probably stemming from all

Never Waste An Opportunity To Achieve Your Dreams

Keeping to a strict schedule and sticking to his academic targets he had set for himself allowed Kyle

Determination Was The Key To Cele’s Success

Part-time lecturer at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Department of Sport Studies and tutor for Cornerstone, Brightness

Her Belief In Herself Earns Reddy Cum Laude And A Dean’s Merit Awards

“Upon hearing of my achievements, I must admit that I was speechless, I just cried, tears of joy

Mbambo Aims to Advocate for Human Rights Through Land

Chumile Mbambo urges students to work hard on their studies in order to succeed in their academic journey.

Chiya Dedicates Her Degree to Her Mother

The desire to make her mother proud and improve her family situation was a constant driving force behind

Haupt Was Inspired by His Father to Pursue Engineering

Paul-Frederick Haupt was inspired by the dedication and achievements of his father who is a Ship Surveyor to

Naicker Travels Long Hours To Achieve Her Dream

Despite commuting approximately 80 kilometres daily between home (Stanger) and campus (Durban), Renae Naicker was determined to achieve

Govender Proves Striving To Be Outstanding Gets One Noticed!

If you are a young woman who is passionate about Maths and Science, getting into the field of

Durban Leg of the Autumn Graduation Ceremonies Off to a Great Start

The first session of the Durban leg of the Durban University of Technology Technology (DUT) Autumn Graduation ceremonies

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