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BTech: Chemical Engineering

SAQA NLRD: 72127

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

A learner achieving this qualification will be competent in applying and integrating theoretical knowledge, engineering principles, proven techniques, practical experience, and appropriate skills to the solution of well-defined and ill-defined problems in the field of Chemical Engineering, by operating within the relevant standards and codes. The learner will be capable of independent decision-making taking into account the relevant technical, social, economic, and environmental factors.


1. National Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3208022/3208038/3208054)
2. National Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3208593) PLUS credits in the following subjects:
Process Control III
Chem. Proc. Des. Principles III
Chemical Plant III: Mod II
Thermodynamics: Chem.Eng. III
Chemical Engineering Tech III: 302
3. National Higher Diploma: Chemical Engineering (3508464)
4. Conferment of Status
Persons not meeting the above requirements may make an application to the department, which will determine further requirements that are necessary.