World University Rankings - Top 100

Master of Engineering: Electrical

SAQA NLRD: 72177

Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering


Every candidate for this qualification shall have:

  1. Completed the requirements for the BEng Hons or equivalent;


  1. Been granted a conferment of status for the above-mentioned qualification.

This degree is awarded to a person who has executed and documented a developmental or investigative electrical engineering research project and communicated results by means of at least one refereed conference paper at national level. This demonstration of self- motivation, adherence to rigorous research techniques and interaction with a critical audience is a distinguishing credential for specialized work requiring a disciplined approach, up-to-date technical knowledge, creativity and the exercise of communication skills. Learners interested in a suitable research programme should contact the Head of Department.


See Rules G32 to G39 & G40 to G44 in the Rule Book for Students.