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MTech: Fine Art

Master of Technology in Fine Art



    In addition to the provisions of Rule G24 the following rules shall apply:

  1. The student shall appear personally before a selection panel consisting of at least the Head of the Department of Fine Art and Jewellery Design and the chairman of the specialization subject committee.
  2. The student must satisfy the selection panel that he/she possesses the potential to pursue a higher programme of study at the required academic level and should have obtained above average results in the prerequisite qualification to the intended programme of study.
  3. The student must submit a proposed programme of work for his/her subject specialization within six months of registering for the qualification, for approval by the Faculty Research Committee and the Institutional Research Committee.
  4. The student’s choice of specialization must be related to the work done in the previous qualification, i.e., the student should continue to specialize further in an aspect related to a major subject of the prerequisite programme of study.