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ND: Biotechnology

SAQA NLRD: 72213

Applicants must have obtained a National Senior Certificate or equivalent at NQF level 4 with at least 4 points each (or equivalent) in the following compulsory subjects :

Physical Science: 4
English: 4
LifeSciences (orBiology): 4

3= 40-49%
4= 50-59%
5= 60-69%
6= 70-79%
7= 80-89%
8= 90-99%

In addition to the relevant General Rules pertaining to Registration (e.g. Rules G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9 & G10); persons must, as a minimum, have obtained a National Senior Certificate, or equivalent.
Applicants with the old Senior Certificate must have a minimum Higher Grade “D” or Standard Grade “B” in English, Physical Science, Biology and Mathematics. A minimum of 34 points is required.
Students may be required to write a SATAP entrance examination for pre- selection.
Selection is made at the full discretion of the Department.