DUT Entrepreneurship Activities and Services


Welcome to the Durban University of Technology Entrepreneurship Center

We are representing and bringing together all entrepreneurship and innovation activities within the Durban University of Technology.


Please find information on our five entrepreneurial entities below.

Durban Entrepreneurial Centre and Desk


The Entrepreneurial Centre and Desk Office has been set up to foster business incubation and entrepreneurial activities within the University.
It provides a platform for start-ups and prospective innovators and entrepreneurs to convert their business ideas into commercially viable products and services.
Learn more click here (link to: https://www.dut.ac.za/dec/ )


Midlands Entrepreneurship Centre and Desk


The Midlands Entrepreneurship Centre & Student Desk offers both theoretical and practical entrepreneurial learning, support and activities to students based in Midlands , neighbouring community, and local entrepreneurs. We aspire to become a Centre of Excellence that produces entrepreneurs and business leaders who build thriving and sustainable enterprises through innovative and practical entrepreneurial education.
Learn more click here (link to: http://mec.dut.ac.za/ )


Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator


The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator (CSERI) is an award-winning business incubator at DUT. Through its innovative strategies and mentorship programmes the CSERI develops successful and sustainable student and community enterprises.
Learn more click here (link to: http://cseri.co.za/ )


Invotech NPC


Invotech is a university based innovation incubation centre, focused on developing student owned business to ensure full economic participation in the economy. As a business incubator, innovations are formulated, tested, approved and processed for commercialisation.
Learn more click here (link to: http://www.invotech.org/ )


ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action Us)


Enactus is the world’s largest experiential student learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.
With a head for business and a heart for the world, the Enactus DUT team is applying entrepreneurial action to improve the human condition and enable sustainable human progress.
Learn more click here (link to: http://www.enactusza.org/ )


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