The department of Biotechnology and Food Technology offers the following technical services to various corporates, SMMEs, and entrepreneurs:

  • Product development:

The formulation or reformulation of products to adapt it to mass production and commercialization. Clients may have innovative ideas, but require expert guidance and laboratory input to formulate these products.

  • Process control:

Manufacturing processes can be monitored accurately by employing standard laboratory test methods eg. Acid/base titrations, pH, viscosity, moisture measurements etc. These test methods will be integral to duplication of the manufacturing processes by establishing quality and manufacturing parameters which will ensure the reliability of process reproduction.

  • Quality Management:

On -site quality management is crucial to allow the client to develop product safety and satisfaction .The laboratory can monitor and control these areas by employing various test procedures. Food manufacturing necessitates an intimate knowledge of food hygiene and safety, from floor level to upper management.

  • Technical support:

This is imperative for trouble- shooting, supplier ingredient and packaging control etc

  1. Product shelf- life.
  2. Nutritional testing -macronutrients protein, total fats and carbohydrates, salt
  3. Microbiological testing-
  4. Water and toxicity testing.
  5. Consumer complaints

These are some of the areas which can be handled by our department consultancy.


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