Welcome to the Department of Statistics, a service department offering courses in Statistics to faculties within the University.


Head of Department : Mr CP Paul

Email : paulcoli@dut.ac.za

Administrative Assistant : Ms M Kweyama

Email : mbalenhlek@dut.ac.za

Tel : 031 373 5227

Fax : 031 373 5674

Location : ML Sultan Campus

Mariam Bee Building

Ground Floor



Mr CP Paul Tel: 031 373 5230 Profile paulcoli@dut.ac.za
MR P Naidoo Tel: 031 373 5223 Profile pnaidoo@dut.ac.za
Ms A Singh Tel: 031 373 6800 Profile anishas@dut.ac.za
Mr BD Ndlovu Tel: 031 373 8857 Profile bongi@dut.ac.za
Mr SV Mbona Tel: 031 373 5703 sizwem@dut.ac.za
Mr TP Mzamane Tel: 031 373 5421 tsepangm1@dut.ac.za

Staff Profiles

Mr CP Paul
Position: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BSc NHD
Courses Taught: Quantitative Techniques, Business Calculations, Statistics 102, Calculations & Statistics, Statistics Methods, Operations Research
Research Activity/Current Study: Quality Management
University Committee Activities: Board of Faculty, Health and Safety Representative


Mr P Naidoo
Position: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: B Com, MSc
Courses Taught: Quantitative Techniques, Quantitative Methods, Business Calculations, Operations Research
University Committee Activities: Member of the Applied Science Faculty board


Ms A Singh
Position: Lecturer
Qualifications: MSc (Cum Laude); BSc (Cum Laude); BSc (Hons)
Courses Taught: Business Calculations (BCAL 101), Statistics I (STIS 102), Statistics II (Stat 201), Business Statistics (BSTS 201), Quantitative Techniques (QTEC 201)
Current Activity: Currently reading-up on research being done in financial statistics


Mr BD Ndlovu
Position: Lecturer (based at the PMB campus)
Qualification: Msc, Bsc (Hons)
Courses Taught: Business Calculations & Business Statistics


Mr SV Mbona
Position: Lecturer
Qualification: Msc Statistics
Courses Taught: Quantitative Methods, Statistics I, Statistics II, Business Calculations


Mr TP Mzamane
Position: Contract Junior Lecturer
Qualification: Msc Statistics
Courses Taught: Business Calculations, Statistics I