Having two fully operational television studios allows students to gain extensive hands-on experience in studio production, from sound mixing to vision control, directing, floor management, camera operation and lighting design. This gives our students the edge in the real working environment where such practical knowledge is invaluable.

For first year productions Studio One is perfectly designed to prepare students in the proper operation of a studio. The control room houses all the technical aspects of the studio including sound mixing and vision mixing. This allows lecturers the benefit of being able to guide the students in one team, facilitating learning in this highly complex area.

Studio Two – is the largest studio on the campus, and has been created to emulate a working studio, designed for commercial use, with broadcast quality cameras and equipment.

Sets are available from the set store and are used for magazine shows, games shows, drama’s and variety shows.

Studio One is equipped with the following:

10 x 9 metre floor space
Lighting Rig with 24 channel dimmer board
2 x Cameras
Vision Mixer
8 Channel Audio Desk
Comms System
Character Generator
DV Recorder
Studio Two is equipped with the following:

12 x 10 metre floor space

Lighting rig with 48 channel dimmer board
3 Panasonic broadcast cameras on studio pedestals with full remotes
3 sectionalized control rooms
An Autocue
16 channel Audio Mixer
Comms System
Digital Broadcast Vision Mixer
Playback/Record on DVCAM and DVCPRO
Compix Character Generator
Studio Lights
Chroma key background
Props preparation area

Sets are designed by students for their studio production, each week. This process involves plenty of planning, creativity and hard work for each production. Below, are some of the sets that were designed for studio productions in 2005, which ranged from fashion shows to magazine programmes.