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A child and youth care worker understands that all behavior is meaningful and purposeful however disruptive, unusual, or unique it may seem. This code of ethics embodies ethical standards of behavior for the child and youth care worker in his/her relationships with children, colleagues, employing agencies and the community.Child and youth care work involves people providing direct care to children and youth and their families. The child and youth care worker is responsible for using his/her expertise to maintain a secure, healthy environment that will help children and youth reach their full potential. The goal sought is the performance of service with integrity and competence. He/she believes in the dignity and worth of the individual. Commitment is towards supporting each and every child’s optimum social, emotional, intellectual and physical development with a safe, healthy and enriched environment.

Career Opportunities

At present, the areas in which learners and graduates work include the following:

  • Residential child and youth care/treatment centres (e.g. children’s homes, substance abuse programmes)
  • State facilities (e.g. places of safety, secure care, special schools)
  • Probation programmes
  • Street shelters and outreach programmes
  • Educare centres
  • Community development progammes
  • Assistant probation officers in law courts
  • Day care and play care centres
  • Hospitals caring for abandoned children
  • Mediators and facilitators in “at risk” communities
  • Hostels at residential/educational facilities
  • Diversion programmes
  • Wilderness training and adventure programmes
  • Schools and after school care programmes
  • Youth development programmes
  • Intermediaries in court settings


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