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Mentorship Progress within the Department of Chiropractic

The Faculty of Health Sciences initiated a Mentorship Programme to help first year DUT students navigate university life in 2004. The Chiropractic Department has since run their own in-house mentorship, during 2005 and 2007, with the help of senior chiropractic students in the role of mentors. The Mentorship Programme was transformed in 2019, where the Chiropractic Coaching Mentorship Programme was initiated alongside the DUT Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) First Year Student Experience (FYSE). Senior Chiropractic students are mentors to small groups of first year Chiropractic students for the duration of the year. The mentors undergo training with the FYSE in the tutor-mentoring programme to help them with this endeavour. Tutors help students with a variety of skills such as studying techniques, time management and stress management. Motivational guest speakers are also invited to address students. The Chiropractic Coaching Mentorship Programme has since enhanced the student learning experience at DUT.


Should you have any enquiries regarding the programme, please contact Dr Yomika Venketsamy yomikav@dut.ac.za at the Chiropractic Department.


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