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Mentorship Progress within the Department of Chiropractic and Somatology

The Mentorship program was initiated in 2004, within the Faculty of Health sciences, as a need was identified to enable first year students to adapt to university life. The Mentorship Program has been operational within the Department of Chiropractic and Somatology, since 2007 and 2005 respectively, and has to date made use of senior students as Mentors to the students entering their first year of studies. The role of the mentors is primarily one of helping mentees adapt to the pressures of tertiary education, by providing useful information and advice to those students in need.
Both Mentors and Mentees gain valuable experience improving their interpersonal skills, by sharing of knowledge and providing emotional and moral encouragement when most needed. In this light, it is believed that well integrated students will perform well both academically and socially, benefitting both the DUT and students.


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