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gumbi Lecturer: Mr T L Gumbi
Tel: 031 373 2031

Bio: Mr Gumbi is a registered dental technologist. He studied at the Durban University of Technology where he obtained his B- tech in Dental Technology; he worked in commercial dental laboratories before joining the department of Dental Sciences in 2013. His research broadly focuses on Dental Technology in the higher education landscape. He also co – ordinates the WIL component of the programme and lectures Cobalt Chromium at 2nd 3rd and 4th year level.

Mrs MP Zondi Lecturer: Mrs M P P Zondi
Tel: 031 373 2954

Bio: Mrs Zondi is a registered Dental Technologist. She obtained her M.Tech in Dental Technology at the Durban University of Technology. She is the first year co-ordinator. She lectures Dental Theory I, Dental Technology Theory III (Prosthetics), Applied Dental Technology I, Applied Dental Technology III (Prosthetics) and Oral anatomy. She is also involved in the organizing of the DUT Open day.

yonela Lecturer: Mrs Y Ngombane
Tel: 031 373 2051

Bio: Mrs Yonela Ngombane is a Lecturer in the Department of Dental Sciences. She is a registered dental technologist who has completed her MHSc degree in Dental Technology at DUT. She has four years of industry experience. She is a PHD: Health Sciences –Dentistry scholar (UKZN). Currently she is lecturing Applied Dental Technology II (Crown & Bridge), Applied Dental Technology III (Prosthetics), Dental Technology Theory II (Crown and Bridge), Dental Technology Theory III (Prosthetics) and Dental Technology IV Practical and Theory (Prosthetics).

Mr k Padayachee Technician: Mr K Padayachee
Tel: 031 373 2850

Bio: Mr Padayachee is Programme Coordinator and Lecturer in the Extended Curriculum Programme (Part-time). He is a Dental Technologist who has a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Dental Technology (DUT). He has 4 years industry experience where he specialized in removable prosthodontics and metalwork. He oversees the running of the ECP in Dental Technology. Mr. Padayachee lectures Introduction to Applied Dental Technology I and II, Computer Literacy and has lectured Dental Technology Theory II and Applied Dental Technology II in the past.

Dental Technology Administrative Staff

Mrs Rani Sukhu Secretary 031 373 2044