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Dear students,

Please make use of the following websites for the latest, exciting developments in Homoeopathy internationally.

Student applicants, please make use of these links to answer your assignment questions.


The Homoeopathic Community Healthcare Centres are there to serve you in times of need. Please make an appointment to visit a 5th year Homoeopath free of charge! Follow the link to find out more. https://www.dut.ac.za/faculty/health_sciences/homoeopathy/satellite_clinics/







Career Opportunities:

Bachelor of Health Sciences Homoeopathy:

Please note – you will be unable to practice a Homoeopath should you not complete your Masters and in-service training.

Should you decide to leave, the following career paths are open for exploring:

  • Pharmaceutical/ nutraceutical sales representative
  • Teaching
  • Homoeopathic pharmacy and lab work
  • Medical aid administration


Master of Health Sciences Homoeopathy

You will be trained in your studies to be an entrepreneur, to build your own practice thus ensuring your ability to work from the day that you qualify.