“We believe that tourism should help improve the quality of life globally. In every way possible, the Department of Tourism of the Durban University of Technology is committed to the realization of this vision as we strive to be recognized by students and professionals as one of the world’s outstanding centres of tourism education and research.”
In engaging this vision, the department specifically aims to:

  • Provide tertiary, competency-based, multi-disciplinary education and training, in line with transformation in higher education, relevant to those who aim to pursue a career in the tourism and allied industries.
  • Encourage innovation, research, and quality information exchange within the Tourism department and among stakeholders in tourism and allied industries.
  • Foster excellence in all the Department’s activities by developing appropriate physical, social and cultural environments, and by fostering a solid partnership with industry and the wider community.
  • Provide faculty, students and alumni with special access to public decision-makers, tourism resources and global leaders in tourism studies.



The Department of Tourism is a provider of tertiary, competency-based, multi-disciplinary tourism education and training that is:

  • in line with transformation in this sector; and,
  • relevant to those who aim to pursue a career in the tourism and allied industries.

The Department actively seeks the continual improvement of performance in it’s learning programmes and its parts, through sharing of agglomeration of capabilities, knowledge, resources, influences and information within institutional structural and reporting arrangements.