Applying for accommodation at a DUT student residence

DUT recognises the importance of providing residence accommodation to its students, especially first-year students. Space in residences is limited, however, so it is important to apply in good time. Admission to residence is based on:

  1. Being offered a place in a course of study.
  2. The passing of 50% of the previous year’s subjects (for returning students).
  3. Payment of tuition registration and residence registration fees prior to registration. Proof of payment (via an approved sponsor, a bank loan approval authority, or any other payment arrangement approved through the Student Housing office) is acceptable in lieu of full payment.
  4. A good disciplinary record.
  5. Applications from outside the Durban metropolitan area are given first preference.


All applications must be made by completing the relevant application form, which is available to first-time applicants on request from the Central Applications Office (CAO), or the Student Admissions Office. You can request the form by phone or by e-mail. Completed forms must be returned to the Student Admissions office with your application.  All DUT residences are self-catering.


Contact details

Senior Finance Officer: Indira Khiramen
Tel +27 31 373 2494

Administrative Officer: Nomaledi Ndlungwana
Tel:+27 31 373 2492

Administrative Officer: Precious Zwane
Tel: +27 31 373 2217


For further information see:

International exchange students are not eligible for acceptance into DUT residences. There are many places where you can seek accommodation if you are an international exchange student; further information can be accessed through the following hyperlink: