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Developing decision support simulation tools for increasing agricultural production and food security in Africa

Achieving food security is a challenge for the developed and developing nations of the world. These challenges are greater for developing nations such as in Africa because of the size and severity of the problems. An important aspect of this is poor agricultural productivity. In our research, funded by the African Union, we are developing decision support tools based on scientifically validated indigenous and traditional knowledge (ITK) to improved agricultural productivity and sustainability. The target is to assist in the improvement of agricultural production and economic yields.

For this research we are covering large tracts of the African landscape using African trained scientists and students to discover the needs and best practices of African farmers.


Prof Kevin Duffy
Director: Institute of Systems Science
Durban University of Technology
Honorary Position: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science,
University of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa

Tel: 031 373 6733
Cell: 083 232 5246