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5-7 March 2014

Airport Schedule

Second and Final Call for Abstracts:

Contributions in the form of papers are invited for the DUT International Language Symposium.


Developing Africa through a Harvest and Reinvestment of Multilingualism

The DUT International Language Symposium on 5-7 March 2014 is hosted by the Language Practice and the Translation and Interpreting Practice programmes in the faculty of Arts & Design. The event is intended to bring together language researchers from all over the world.

Theme: Developing Africa through a harvest and reinvestment of multilingualism.

Contributions will be particularly welcomed on the following Sub-Themes:

  • Bilingualism, Nation Building and the Role of African Indigenous (African) Languages
  • Harnessing and Harvesting African languages through Research, Teaching and Learning
  • Exploring and Utilising languages Spoken in Africa for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Access to (Language) Education – a Gender Issue?
  • The Demise of Marginalized African Languages
  • Translation, Interpreting and ICT
  • Language, Media, Culture and Identity
  • Lexicography and Terminology Development
  • Deepening Democracy through Sign Languages
  • Multilingualism, multiculturalism and globalisation
  • Bilingualism and Creativity: The Linguistic Spectacle of African Literature
  • Language and business
  • Linguistics and the Imperative of Methodological Change
  • Languages of African Literature and Social Transformation

Contributions may report on empirical research or address broad conceptual issues. Full papers will be published after a rigorous peer review process.

Workshop 1 Theme – Growing and investing Indigenous African Languages in and out of the classroom: the example of KiSwahili and isiZulu. Topic: KiSwahili/isiZulu student centred and e-learning workshop

Workshop 2 Theme – Harvesting and reinvesting European languages from Africa’s classroom fields: the example of English. Topic: Rebranding and marketing English through student-teacher attitudinal change in communication strategies.

Notes for Contributors:

Submission deadline for abstracts: 20 December 2013

Presentation time: 20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion

Length of abstract: Maximum of 300 words (Times New Roman, font size 12)

Abstracts should include: Title, name of presenter/s and institutional affiliation/s. E-mail address of principal presenter

Submission address: Please send abstracts electronically to: or

Notification of acceptance: 6 January 2014

Submission deadline for full papers: 11 April 2014 (for publication)
NB: All Submissions should be in English CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE FORM

Baking details for the international conference are as follows:
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 050007068
Bank code: 040026
Ref number: E230

Airport Schedule

04th March 2014 (pick-up times from airport to designated hotels)

  • 10:30
  • 13:30
  • 16:30

Wednesday 05th March 2014 : Day 1

Time Activity
07:00 Transport – Hotels – airport to conference venue
20:00 – 20:30 Transport to Hotels

Thursday 06th March 2014 : Day 2

Time Activity
07:45 Transport – Hotels to conference venue
16:30 Transport to Hotels
18:00 From Hotels to Gala Dinner
22:00 Transport to Hotels

Friday 07th March 2014 : Day 3

Time Activity
07:45 Transport – Hotels to conference venue
12:00 Transport to Airport

Saturday 08th March 2014 : Day 4

Time Activity
07:30 Hotel to Airport
10:30 Hotel to Airport