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“Don’t Let Your Dreams Become Day Dreams”, Says DUT Cum Laude Graduate

“Don’t Let Your Dreams Become Day Dreams”, Says DUT Cum Laude Graduate

His mother wanted him to study Engineering but he was honest with himself and did Journalism instead.

Today, Mazwamahle Mgobhozi, 22, proved to his mother – and made her proud in the process- that he made the right decision as he graduated Cum Laude and earned himself a National Diploma in Journalism.

Mgobhozi completed his matric at Glenwood High School, Durban, in 2007. He took a gap year in 2008 to take a much needed break from 12 years of study as well as to give careful consideration about whether he wanted to do Journalism or Engineering. In 2009, he would choose a career in writing and has not looked back since.

“Choosing Journalism wasn’t really defiance against my mother. She wasn’t dictating to me. It (choosing Journalism) was about being honest with myself. As much as I would have loved a job title as an Engineer, I am a people’s person. Being an Engineer is not for me,” he said.

Mgobhozi said graduating Cum Laude is a great feeling and he feels blessed. His family is also excited, adding that they will have a braai to celebrate the good news.

“Getting my diploma wasn’t a walk in the park. The hardest part of my studies was the (academic) pressures at the institution. But the support I received was the biggest factor to my academic success. I had a strong support base from my lecturers, family and mentor. My success was a collective effort,” said Mgobhozi.

He advised other young people and students to stand up for what they want. “Follow your dreams, don’t let them become daydreams. Stand up for what you want and allow yourself to be that in spirit,” said Mgobhozi.

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