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Walking from Cape to Cairo to spread the word of peace in Africa

Walking from Cape to Cairo to spread the word of peace in Africa

Durban University of Technology student Boysie Hadebe is set to walk from Cape Town to Cairo on 29 January 2011. He is a 3rd year Tax student. The “walk of goodwill” aims to spread the word of peace all over the continent of Africa and to address xenophobia, spread goodwill and acknowledge countries that helped SA during Apartheid.

Hadebe strongly believes in oneness in Africa and he is convinced that together, Africa can find solutions to burning issues such as HIV/AIDS and poverty affecting this continent. He has been motivated by Mere, his Tanzanian friend who walked from Tanzania to Durban. It took him six months to reach his destination.

Having grown up in poverty in Bulwer in the Midlands, Hadebe was motivated to do something about issues that affect people in Africa. He has been inspired by leaders like Malcom X and Martin Luther King who have challenged issues without fear. “I know the walk is dangerous and I am risking my life for the benefit of African people. I am aware that other countries in Africa have wars. I may not come back. My body may be here but my mind is already in Cairo right now,” says Hadebe. His mother and two sisters will be awaiting his return.

He appeals to companies to support him as it is not only for the government to fight poverty. He is hoping to get some sponsorship from companies that are willing to support the cause for the poor, peace and stability on the African continent.

For interview or sponsorship, please contact Boysie Hadebe on: 084 051 9400 or email: