At the Durban University of Technology research outputs are recorded and managed through Elements (Research Outputs Management System).  The system has various modules for administration and management of research such as:

  • Research Publications Module (Elements System)
  • Grants Management Module
  • Postgraduate activities Module

Beyond facilitating administration, Elements provides with comprehensive reporting of research activity at an institutional level, Faculty, Department and individually.



Researchers have easy access to relevant information and related software, processor power, storage systems and identifiers that collect data ensure complete and consistent information.

For Research Managers and administrators, the system affords easy measurement and analysis of research outputs and access to comparative information.

ELEMENTS is a comprehensive fit for purpose, cost effective solutions that provide functionality and ability to capture data and adapt to legislative changes, while simultaneously aligning with the university’s data management requirements and strategic vision.

  1. Managing and administering research outputs
  2. Simplifying processes
  3. Effective data retrieval
  4. Supporting the five phases (plan, fund, perform, promote and preserve) of the research services lifecycle
  5. Ensuring data inter-operability and re-usability

Elements User Guide

Element System Guide(ORCID Connection,Add publication, Import/Export publications)

ELEMENTS Quick Guide (Auto-Claiming,Search Settings ,Add Delegates)

ELEMENTS _ORCID,DSpace Integration

Setting up your Profile on Elements

Presentation Symplectic Elements DUT

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