HIV Testing and Counselling (HCT)

The HIV/AIDS centre provides confidential HIV Testing and Counselling (HCT) to students and staff in the institution.

This includes:
Awareness and education on HIV and AIDS.
Pre and Post test counseling
HIV Testing
On-going counseling
CD4 count testing

Internal – services within DUT, e.g. clinic, psychologist, social worker
External – services outside DUT, e.g. Hospital, social worker

Reaching the DUT community

Support Group

Due to stigmatisation people in the support group find a need of having a support group with infected people only. Activities in the support group include talks around Positive Living, Nutrition, Disclosure, Safe sex, HIV/AIDS information, opportunistic infections, treatment, CD4 count-ongoing monitoring by the doctor, information sharing, networking.

Peer Education

The HIV and AIDS centre runs a peer education program for the students which aims at promoting awareness and prevention activities. The program at the moment tries to reach all students in residences and campuses but there is a need to extend the same program to include staff.

Peer educators are a diverse group of DUT students trained to educate their fellow students about HIV/AIDS issues, life-style and wellness concerns. Peer educators are not professionals, but are trained to assist students who need HIV/AIDS health information and support.

Activities in peer education program include, basic information on HIV/AIDS, safe sex education, gender, life skills, relationship (focus mainly on MCP: Multiple Concurrent Partners) communication and community outreach.

Information Office

Information Officers:
Their duties involve presentation of HIV/AIDS centre services to staff and students, distribution HIV/AIDS policy information, promotion of HIV/AIDS integration into the curriculum. They also assist students and staff with HIV and AIDS information.

Research Services

To promote research that will add value to HIV/AIDS interventions within the institution, this is done by guiding students involved in HIV/AIDS research projects. The HIV/ AIDS centre has established a website, where we have information on HIV and AIDS dynamics in the world, events, and Newsletters. A database of all HIV related work (conference presentations, teachings, research and publications) done within the institution has also been created. Evaluation of awareness programs is done through Focus Group Discussions, In-depth interviews and surveys.