Quick Fire Questions on Student Accommodation

Mission Statement
Student Housing and Residence Life as a component of the Student Services Division, is in support of the division’s philosophy of being concerned with the overall welfare, development and educational success of our students. In doing so, Student Housing and Residence Life undertakes to provide accessible, affordable accommodation conducive to learning in a safe and healthy environment, whilst providing opportunities for resident student empowerment and advancement.

Our interests and concerns are to ensure that the personal, social and academic development of students is achieved through participation in proactive programs which address current issues and problems, as well as assisting in the individual’s adjustment to the community at large. We shall do this by taking an active interest in the academic progress of students in residence and providing the necessary support or proper referrals on serious issues affecting students. We shall encourage community involvement and participation in the development of resident students at the Durban University of Technology.

Returning Students

All University students wishing to apply for residence should contact the Department regarding the application method used that year. First preference will be given to returning residence students.  Once your application is approved your student portal will show your allocated residence.

New applicants
First time applicants apply via Central Application Office by indicating that they require residence at Durban University of Technology. Once the student has been accepted by the University and issued with a firm offer, a confirmation will be sent by Student Admission department.  Student Housing will pre-allocate a student to residence according to the academic courses. Student Housing will give an acceptance status which can be viewed on their student portal to allow the student to accept residence registration ONLINE. This can only be done once the student has academically registered. First time students are allocated in on-Campus residences if there is still available space to ensure that they adapt to the University environment and prepare them for the outside environment.

Residence Admissions
The University recognises that it is important to provide residential accommodation for students, especially for new first-year students, to allow them to make the necessary adjustments to cope with the academic challenges that lie ahead and their journey into adulthood. An undergraduate student shall therefore be admitted in the residences for a period of no longer than four continuous years.
The catering residence shall be allocated on a ration of seventy five percent (75%) new first year students and twenty five percent (25%) returning students. This is in line with the philosophy of providing residential accommodation at higher education, that is, every assistance must be given to allow new first year students to make the necessary adjustment from the life of being at home with parental guidance, to a life of academic demands and independence.

First-year or returning students will be eligible for admission or re-admission to all DUT residences, subject to the following conditions:

  • Residence Finance status is confirmed by Finance Department and the student is unblocked for residence registration.
  • Satisfactory conduct accepted personal behavior and a good disciplinary record.
  • Accommodation shall be for the sole use of the allocated student in each semester.
  • Should a student’s academic registration lapse or be cancelled at any time during the semester, all rights to accommodation will be terminated immediately and the student will be liable for full residence fees for that period.
  • Any students whose guest are disruptive, break the residence rule, or cause damages, may result in exclusion of the student concerned.
  • First preference shall be given to applicant students outside the Durban /Msunduzi Metropolitan area and other applications will be considered on their merits.

Private Accommodation

  • This category of accommodation is only offered to students once the Institution has exhausted all the available spaces in its in-sourced and out-sourced residences.

Steps to register online for private accommodation:

  • Step 1 : The student must have applied for residence.
  • Step 2  : Student Housing will send the student a link with the application forms
  • Step 3  :The completed private accommodation forms should be uploaded together with the required documents and other details. E.g proof of registration, ID copy, proof of home address (B. all these requirements are specified on the link).
  • Step 4  :The system will automatically send a message confirming submission of the
  • Step 5  :Student Housing will verify the necessary paperwork and financial status.
  • Step 6 :Within 5 working days the student should check the fee statement to see if the residence fees appear on the system with a description private accommodation (for Durban) or private accommodationPMB (for Midlands).

Read here for the list of Student Residences

Contact Details

Durban Campus

NB: All queries for Durban Campus should be directed to Student Housing Reception on the telephone number below or e-mail:  housingdbn@dut.ac.za.

Admin. Assistant/ Receptionist: Ms. Pretty Nokwanda Malinga
Tel: 031 373 6337
Email: PrettyM1@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus

Admin. Assistant: Mr. Snethemba Shabane
Tel: 031 373 2185
Email: theophelluss@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus

Snr Finance Officer: Ms. Indira Khiramen
Tel: 031 373 2494
Email: indirak@dut.ac.za
Campus: Ritson Campus

Admin Officer: Ms. Nomaledi Ndlungwana
Tel: 031 373 2492
Email: nomalediz@dut.ac.za
Campus: Ritson Campus

Admin Officer: Mrs. Precious Thembelihle Zwane
Tel: 031 373 2217
Email: preciousz@dut.ac.za
Campus: Ritson Campus


Midlands Campus

NB: All queries for Midlands Campus should be directed to Student Housing Reception on the telephone number below or e-mail:  housingpmb@dut.ac.za

Admin Assistant: Ms. Ncebakazi Mkhangazi
Tel: 033 845 9007/ 1004 or 031 373 5453/6059
Email: NcebakaziM@dut.ac.za
Campus: Indumiso Campus

The IEP Department has a database of private accommodation located close to the university.