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1st years eager to start learning

1st years eager to start learning

This year (2017), the Durban University of Technology welcomed just over 7000 new first year students to its seven campuses. 

Excited about their first week at the University- whose mission is to excel through a teaching and learning environment that values and supports the university community, promoting excellence in learning and teaching, technology transfer and applied research as well as external engagement that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and partnership- this is what some of them had to say:

Sera Stoffels (pictured above), Fine Art

“Today turned out to be very exciting even though I was a bit nervous. I met so many good friends with whom we have a lot in common. Now I just hope DUT will help me improve my creativity while exposing me to different art and artist in the world.”

Sihle Nkosi, Internal Auditing

“My first day was great. I had no expectations besides the fun that I have begun to experience. However, I am expecting this year to also be full of challenges which I am determined to overcome.”

Sihle Nkosi


Sifiso Mahlaba, Fine Art

“I had no expectations for today. I knew that anything can happen so I prepared myself for that. I’m also very happy for the many new faces that I saw, it is very calming to know that I’m not the only one.” 

Sifiso Mahlaba

Vocaria Naidoo, Application Development

“I am enjoying myself. Before today I was worried that the lecture rooms may be too small and there would be too many of us in the class but it wasn’t so. I am really looking forward to the rest of the year.”

Vocaria Naidoo


Zahraa Amra, Fine Arts

“Everything today was cool; from the campus to the lecturers. But what stood out for me the most was the way everyone was helpful to us. I don’t recall anyone who was lost.”

Zaraa Amra

– Bongani Gema and Sthabile Gwala

Picture credit: Sthabile Gwala

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