Curries Fountain – Study of Durbans Backyard


To support the DVC: Institutional Support by directing and coordinating the overall planning of facilities, within the DUT aimed at providing cost effective advice and support to optimize utilization of existing space and facilities and planning the university’s future spatial and facilities requirements in alignment with the objectives and vision of the DUT.


Contributes to the research, design and development of relevant facilities, planning related policies, procedures, plans and systems on an ongoing basis in line with relevant legislation and national standards.


Provides, as directed by the DVC: Institutional Support in consultation with the VC, the necessary administrative, logistical and technical support in regard to the planning and coordination of facilities and structures on the campuses of the DUT in accordance with identified needs and objectives.


  • Management of Campus Planning Function
  • Records and Documentation Control
  • Moves and Relocations
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Advice and Liaison
  • Customer Advice and Support
  • Systems Management
  • Resources Management
  • Representation


Manager: Vacant

Development Co-ordinator – Real Estate Management: Fiona Chetty
Tel: 031 373 2708
Fax: 031 373 2896


  • S4 L1 offices
  • S8 L02 workshop alterations
  • S7 L02 New Computer Lab
  • Jewellery Department Alterations
  • Bag Store City Campus
  • Drama Alterations
  • Video Technology. City Campus
  • ABSA ATM – Steve Biko


  • Conference venue & Foyer – 7th Floor M L Campus
  • Council Chamber & Foyer – 8th Floor, M L Campus
  • Alteration to Library, M L Sultan campus
  • Alterations to Security Building, (ex –Exam Audit)
  • Alterations to S5 level 2- Civil Engineering
  • Alteration to ESBE Faculty Office and Boardroom
  • Office alteration for REMO at Landsdell
  • Video Conferencing facility – Lansdell
  • Alterations to Creditors – M L Sultan campus
  • Alterations for Sculpture & Ceramics – M LSultan Campus
  • Internal Alterations to Open House
  • New classrooms for Child and Youth Development
  • ABSA ATM’s at City Campus, Ritson Campus & M L Sultan Campus


  • Scala Diner Refurbishment
  • Human Biology Alts and new lecture auditorium
  • Hospitality Management Sciences: kitchens and conference venues
  • Gatehouse & Gates Signs
  • Computer Labs (City & Ritson)
  • Tromso G Floor & 2nd floor
  • Public Relations/S Management
  • International office
  • Industrial Engineering Alterations
  • Maritime Studies Alterations
  • Alterations for Debtors M L Sultan
  • Curries Fountain Redevelopment
  • Proposed new Student Village
  • Proposed new Arts & Design Building
  • Conceptual Structure Plan
  • Indumiso: Kitchen & Technical Block Alts