The Logistics Department comprises the following sectors:


The Registry Department deals primarily with the distribution of mail.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Delivery and retrieval of internal mail to all departments including residences and satellite campuses.
  • Collection and re-distribution of all mail received via the Post Office.
  • Processing of all outgoing mail for forwarding to the Post Office.
  • Payment of the University’s accounts and banking.

Internal Mail

  1. All sensitive and confidential documents eg. Requisitions , leave forms , claim forms etc. should be recorded in a Delivery Book ( obtainable from Stores) to ensure proof of delivery and to track your mail.
  2. It is preferable that the date of despatch is clearly indicated on Internal Envelopes to track the time frames of deliveries.
  3. Items are to be clearly and completely addressed to avoid delays and confusion , eg. an item marked “Mr. Smith – Finance” , would create confusion – it should read “Mr Smith – Debtors – Finance – 6th floor – D Block – M L Sultan Campus”.

External Mail

The department has two offices situated as follows:

  1. Steve Biko Campus – Gate 1 – Botanic Mansions – Ground Floor – 031 373 2556
  2. M L Sultan Campus – A Block – Ground Floor – 031 373 5696

All queries can be directed to the following personnel:

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Manager: Mr A Naidoo
Tel: 031 373 5696
Location: M L Sultan

KRISBASHEN CHETTY (ADMIN. OFFICER) Admin Officer: Mr K Chetty (Out-mail)
Tel: 031 373 5407
Location: M L Sultan

default-avatar-e1448374196642 Acting Senior Registry Clerk: Mr G J M Mkasibe (Incoming Mail via Post Office)
Tel: 031 373 5191

DAIYANAND RAMNARAIN (SENIOR REGISTRY CLERK) Registry Clerk: Mr D Ramnarain (Internal Mail)
Tel: 031 373 5191
Location: M L Sultan



This sector deals primarily with maintaining and providing voice communication over a network.

The services offered are as follows:

  1. Responding to enquiries from the DUT Community.
  2. Receiving and re-directing of telephone calls to the relevant departments.
  3. Dialing outgoing calls when requested by telephone users from departments.
  4. Facilitating international telephone calls, facsimiles and phonograms.
  5. Arranging teleconferences.
  6. Provision of telephone costing reports.
  7. Updating telephone extension numbers and users on the internal telephone directory.
  8. Maintaining of the PABX and its extensions which includes:

Enquiries regarding telecommunication services
Requests for additional extensions
Barring and unbarring of extensions
Changing user details on the Telephone Management System
Changing user details on the Avaya PABX
Programming voicemail on extensions

How do you request the above services? Simply log your faults using the faults and assistance procedure:


M L Sultan Campus
B Block – 3rd Floor

All queries can be directed to the following personnel: Staff