These awards celebrate exceptional performance and achievements that contribute to DUT’s purpose and strategy.  In addition to the escalation of awardees from the operational domain awards, as reflected in (6.2) above, the University will advertise for nominations for ENVISION2030 categories. Given more strategic criteria for institutional awards, projects awarded under the sub-categories as identified above shall not be eligible for institutional awards.


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Award categories and their link to ENVISION2030



Recognising valuable contribution to ENVISION2030’s strategic intent.

Cause for Applause

Chancellor’ s Awards IMPACTFUL   A – Awarded to an initiative/project in teaching, research or public engagement that significantly contribute to the reciprocal partnership between DUT and society and that shows the university operating with glocal vision and ambition.


B – Awarded to an initiative or project that demonstrates solutions/measurable benefits to the wider society and/or the economy through knowledge transfer. OR

C Awarded to an innovative initiative that equips students for the best start in their

future careers

Council Awards DISTINCTIVE  A – Awarded to an individual or team who have made a major contribution by promoting student learning and attainment through reimagined curriculum and innovative pedagogy


B – Awarded to an individual or team who have made a major contribution through discovery of new information to advance knowledge


C – Awarded to an individual or team who have made a major contribution through integration of knowledge by converging findings from different disciplines, identifying trends to advance new knowledge


D – Awarded to student with an academic performance aggregate of 75% or higher and representing DUT via our clubs and societies

Vice-Chancellor’ s Awards A – Awarded to an individual or team exemplifying the DUT Way

CREATIVE          OR

B – Awarded to a project/initiative that effectively delivers on the physical DUT campus creating an engaging campus environment


C – Awarded to a initiative providing an outstanding online or blended student and staff experience or support


D – Awarded to a co-curricular initiative that contributes positively to the achievement and/or enhancement of a holistic education experience


E – Awarded to an initiative that demonstrates effective utilisation of technology to improve processes and efficiency for, service delivery to its constituencies


F – Awarded to a project/initiative that influences environmental sustainability, through teaching, innovations and partnerships


G – Awarded to an initiative that contributes to building a culture of divergent thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship,


H – Awarded to an initiative that contributes to the sustainability of the University and developing a sense of stewardship for University resources

Nomination Process

Procedure for Nomination to Evaluation

A call for nominations will be circulated electronically to all DUT employees via the Intranet and posted on the DUT website.

The consolidation report for all awards will be managed by Human Capital Services.

Electronic submission of nominations and supporting materials must be made per the instructions in the call for nominations.

Nominations are to be submitted using the ENVISION2030 nomination form

A detailed portfolio of evidence must accompany each submission.

Nominations must be received by the deadline date. Late nominations will not be considered.


The following rating scale will be used :

5 Evidence of exceptional contribution and quality are clearly achieved.  High Impact, High Value, Criteria met.
4 Evidence of outstanding contribution and quality and success is displayed. Criteria mostly met
3 Evidence of reasonable contribution and quality displayed. Criteria partially met
2 Evidence of minimal contribution and quality are displayed. Criteria not met.
1 No evidence of contribution displayed. Could not be assessed against evidence



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