The Disability Rights Unit operates within Department of Student Governance & Development under Student Services Sector and supports students with disabilities in the University setting.

Services offered

  • It provides within its available means appropriate advise and academic support to students with disabilities thereby making access to education fair and equitable.
  • General advocacy for students living with disabilities.
  • Health related support to students living with disabilities.
  • Support for students to navigate and liaise with academic environment.
  • Liaison with financial resources available.
  • Referrals to psychotherapy and psychological services.
  • Assistance of students living with disabilities during registration.
  • Assistance of students living with disabilities with residence accommodation.
  • Assistance of students living with disabilities with confirmation of status.


Disability Rights Unit Poster

Student Responsibility

  • Register with the Disability Rights Unit as early as possible and submit documentation of disability as a prerequisite to receiving academic accommodations.
  • “Letters of Accommodation” that detail your disability-related needs may be discussed with lecturers and other relevant faculty members only with the student permission.  
  • Make timely applications for test and examination arrangements.
  • Provide for personal disability-related needs or services such as personal care attendants, Interpreters and Scribes.
  • All requests to be submitted to the DRU.

PROCEDURE TO CLAIM FOR ASSITIVE DEVICES -A/S by Students with Disabilities (SWD) funded by NSFAS


  • Request Quotation from the supplier with the student name, number and the supplier banking details.


  • Attach copy of your ID.


  • Submit the above documents to the Disability Rights Unit.
  • Payments will be paid directly to the Supplier.
  • Student to check their fee statement for any payment transaction.

PROCEDURE TO CLAIM FOR HUMAN SUPPORT-H/S e.g.(Scribe,Care Giver or Interpreter)


  • Download the Human Support Claim form on the NSFAS/Disability website and complete it.


  • Make sure the form is signed by both parties (Student + H/S) and Stamped by the Disability Rights Unit.


  • Attach copy of your ID and of the Human Support person/s


  • Attach Human Support person/s proof of banking details or bank statement


  • Detailed contract between both parties should be signed, and it must clearly specify commencement date, the duties, the terms and conditions.
  • Above documents should be submitted to the Disability Rights Unit

Forms available at DRU

  • DRU Registration form.
  • Skip a Q letter.

Power of Words

  • Language can be used as a powerful tool to bring about change and bring about new values, attitude and social integration at the same time, thoughtless language can re-inforce stereotypes and labelling of disabled people.
  • To this end check the list of acceptable and unacceptable terminology to use when referring to people with disabilities. This will help ensure the way we speak does not compound the social marginalization of people with disabilities.

J Yes


  • Disable person/ persons with disabilities
  • Afflicted with…/ victim of …
  • Non-disabled
  • Able- bodied
  • Uses a wheelchair
  • Wheelchair – bound / confined to a wheelchair
  • Deaf
  • Deaf- mute / Deaf and dumb
  • D
  • Handicap physically / mentally challenged. Cripple/Crippled
  • Persons with cerebral palsy
  • Cerebral  palsied/ spastic
  • Persons with epilepsy
  • Epileptic
  • Persons of short statue
  • Dwarf/midget
  • Persons with paraplegia/ he or she has quadriplegia
  • Paraplegic/ quadriplec

Annual Events


The invisible disability workshop as to raise awareness of invisible disabilities and to educate staff about invisible disabilities. It was very educational for staff as they were able to learn how to accommodate SWD from speakers. Staff was given the opportunity to ask clarity seeking question to the speakers to deepen their knowledge of indivisible disabilities. There were goodie bags given at the end of the workshop to all the attendees, in conclusion a lot was learned by the staff. See annexure 4 as evidence

Annexure 4: images of The Invisible Disability workshop  


1. Working together students were able to graduate in 2022 and the previous years, we are glad they have made it this far in their studies. They are now proud and independent individuals, pictures of 2022 graduates  


2. The DRU was given a slot to present some of the student’s success stories, click the links below

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DBN Contact Person: Gugu Sacolo

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PMB contact person: Thobeka Shozi – Nxumalo

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