The mandate of the Protection Services Unit (PSU) is to create and maintain a safe environment at all seven campuses of the Durban University of Technology. This mandate is derived from DUT desire to improving students’ safety and wellbeing.

Protection Services Unit has these sections under its ambit; Operations, Investigations, Health & Safety, CCTV and Card Production. A collaboration amongst all these sections serves and brings to life the main mandate of Protection Services Unit.


The objectives of protection services:

  • To protect the university community, staff, students, visitors and assets.
  • To create an enabling environment for learning.
  • To prevent and combat crime.
  • To secure and prevent loss of institution assets.
  • To prevent fire.
  • To reduce or prevent accidents/incidents
  • To investigate transgressions/ misconduct/incidents reported
  • To provide comprehensive reports after investigation

Reporting incidents and writing of statements

  • Protection services encourage all staff and students to report incidents of crime at their earliest convenience, as we will give your report the desired attention.
  • All incidents reported are handled in a professional manner by the protection services.
  • Protection services also engage the services of the saps for further investigation, this depending on the nature of the crime.
  • In circumstances where students are the perpetrators of crime or are in breach of the code of conduct, a report is forwarded to the legal and governance dept. For the appropriate action to be instituted.
  • Students residing at outsourced or DUT residences are also encouraged to report incidents to their respective residence advisors (RAs), who will inform protection services.
  • Any person found to be unlawfully removing university property or found to being in possession of alcohol, narcotic drugs, firearms or dangerous weapons will be immediately taken into custody where the South African police services will be advised and criminal action contemplated.


Prohibited items on all our campuses

  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Fire arms
  • Items that can be perceived as dangerous weapons.

Persons found to be in possession of such items can be prosecuted.


Role/Mission Statement of Unit

The purpose of the protection services is to create a safe and secure environment at the campuses and residences that is conducive to teaching and learning.


The Operations section drives the mandate of the unit by ensuring that access control on all DUT Campuses is properly carried out. The on-site Protection Services Officers work together with the contracted security company ensure safety to the DUT community.

  • The main objective of Protection Services is to safeguard the DUT community – students, staff and property of the institution.
  • The operations of the unit ensure that all DUT campuses are covered by an on-site Protection Services Officers, this allows for all information to be received first-hand by our offices for further action.
  • In-house surveillance cameras allow the Protection Services offices to view and monitor images from around the campuses.
  • The contracted security company on-site – patrols buildings, parking, monitor venues, and other hot spot areas within the University and Residences.
  • Protection Services is to ensure that a total deployment of SLA Guarding is on-site daily, performing duties as required.
  • Incident Reporting, Month-End Reporting, and Crime Registers are submitted monthly by the in-house and contacted security company.
  • Further in-house security officers submit reports directly to the Line Manager.
  • Security Plans, Security Assessments, and monitoring of events within and around the University are handled by Protection Services – Registration, Graduation, Open Week, World of Works (WOW), Exams, State of the University Address (SOUA) and SRC Elections.


Incidents are reported to this section, upon receiving the reports the investigation section conducts investigation by gathering first-hand information from witnesses and victims. The Investigation section works together with the contracted security company in Investigating reported crime and incidents.

Health Services

The Safety, Health and Environmental Division upholds the principle of the University’s occupational health and safety policy, to support and maintain an effective, healthy and safe environment and provide disaster management.  


Our in-house surveillance cameras from the CCTV control room serves a very crucial part in ensuring safety for the DUT staff, students and property. Through the CCTV we can view and monitor images in and around our campuses.

Card Protection

Card Production is a sub-unit that is under Protection Services. The main responsibility of Card Production is to produce both student and staff cards to enable easy access control at access points in all DUT campuses, this includes contractors who are service providers in our campuses.

Application forms for parking are available on the DUT Pinboard for both staff and students, across all main entrances in all campuses and at Card Production. After receiving the form – you will need to fill it in and proceed to pay at your nearest cashiers and then return to Card Production with proof of payment to get your parking disk.


Student and Staff Card

General Info:

  • Replacement of both student and staff card is R40.
  • For the replacement of card please proceed to pay at your nearest cashiers and bring pop at Card Production for a replacement card.
  • Protection Services will send out communication via DUT Pinboard advising staff and students that they can go collect parking discs.
  • Contractors should first liaise with the Maintenance Department who will verify the appointment of the service provider and then send a list to Card Production.

DUT Precints

Precinct 1:

  • Steve Biko Campus
  • Ritson Campus
  • L Sultan Campus


Precinct 2:

  • City Campus


Precinct 3:

  • Brickfield Campus


Precinct 4:

  • Indumiso Campus


Precinct 5:

  • Riverside Campus

Safety Campaign

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Contact Details

Protection Services Unit – Security Control Room: 031 373 2181/2182

Protection Services Unit – Operations Office: 031 373 5177/5178

Protection Services Unit – CCTV Control Room: 031 373 5555

Protection Services Unit – Investigations Office: 031 373 2582

Protection Services Unit – Health & Safety Offices: 031 373 2488/2914/2769

Protection Services Unit – Card Production: 031 373 2640/2800

Protection Services Unit – Secretary: 031 373 2626