Professor Suren Singh

Prof Suren SinghPosition: Executive Dean:
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Tel: 031 373 2720
Campus: Steve Biko Campus



Professor Suren Singh assumed the position of lecturer in September 1997 at the former M.L. Sultan Technikon (now DUT) when research was still at its infancy. His arrival brought a much-awaited impetus to research at the then Technikon. Within five years, he was able to establish a core research group in Industrial Biotechnology and achieved a Y2 – NRF rating in 2002 and a C1 – NRF rating in 2007 and 2013. Read more

Deputy Dean
Prof Tukayi Kudanga
Tel: 031 373 5286
Campus: Steve Biko Campus






nirvanaSecretary to Executive Dean
Nirvana K. Naidoo
Tel: 031 373 2720
Campus: Steve Biko Campus






Ms G Shackleford

Faculty Officer
Ms G Shackleford
Tel: 031 373 3033
Campus: Steve Biko Campus







Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Science at the Durban University of Technology.

Since the merger in 2002, we have created new history as we forge into an increasingly dynamic future. As one of the largest faculties at DUT, we have benefited from pooling our combined synergies and resources to work towards a reputation of excellence.

We are forging recognition across the globe in spheres of dynamic graduates, research, increasing academic aptitude with industry related focus, and developing sound teaching methods. We succeed by attracting top students as well as students with the ability to be forward thinkers progressively challenging accepted trends and carving international niches for themselves in the technological world of today.

We have developed exciting institutional links with top tertiary sectors across the globe and accept students from throughout the world, celebrating a merging of cultures and new ideas.

Research within the Faculty is the largest in DUT comprising of approximately 80% of the total research output at the institution. The Faculty currently boasts ten NRF rated researchers and three NRF niche areas. Great importance is placed on development within the research field. We are a diverse Faculty, from offering qualifications in mainstream Engineering courses, carrying accreditation by the Engineering Council of South Africa, to Pure and Applied Sciences, as well as a range of qualifications within the Built Environment sphere.

Our qualifications range from the under graduate three year National Diploma, to post graduate Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Technology. One of the major benefits in qualifying from a University of Technology is the ability of graduates to walk into any position in industry and be a productive member of the company from inception of their employee.

This is achieved by necessitating both a theoretical as well as the experiential component in our qualifications, unique to Universities of Technology. The qualifications are highly rated in industry. Together with the academic achievement and increasing analytical and cognitive development comes the students’ awakening potential of their own capabilities, from social skills to progressive leaderships styles.

Each student opens for themselves new horizons as they progress from strength to strength towards success.

We look forward to welcoming you into this Faculty.


Faculty Mission Statement: Educate, Innovate, Engage.

Educate students, generate new scientific knowledge and engage communities.











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