Welcome to the DUT Lecture Timetable Webpage. The Timetabling Office (in collaboration with Academic Departments) is responsible for compiling and publishing the Lecture Timetable so that it is accessible online to all students and staff.

Lecture Timetable for 2022 Semester 2 is accessible online under the Lecture Timetable Menu below (follow steps as provided or watch a short video guide on this LINK). Please Note: Timetables are subject to change as and when necessary (affected students and staff will be notified accordingly).

For any queries regarding the lecture timetable or attending classes; students should contact their relevant Lecturer or Department (you can find your Department’s contact details within your Faculty on the Academic page link). Lecturers with timetable queries should contact their Departmental Timetable Co-ordinator.



> To Access Students (Group) Timetable, Module Timetable and Staff Timetable

Follow these Steps: Click your Faculty Dropdown > Click Your Department > Select Timetable Category  > Select the Timetable You Looking For > View/Download & Save/Print Timetable.

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 > To Access Venue (Room) Timetables ⇒ Click this Link

Follow these Steps: After the Clicking the above Link > Select Room > Scroll or Use Find option on the top right of the page or Press Ctrl + F and enter room/venue code or name to find the venue you are looking for > View/Download/Print Timetable


If you any further assistance, you can contact the Timetabling Office staff (contact details link).