The closing date for Research Outputs Reporting to the Research Office is 15 March annually
The following year cycle of reporting begins 1 June .g. 2020 publications are collated from 1 June 2020 until 15 March 2021 and reported by DHET annual closing date of 15 May.

DUT Envision 2030 Strategy Map

DUT Strategic Development Report 2009 – 2018 

DUT Annual Reports
2019 Annual Report (14.8mb)
2018 Annual Report (4.11mb)
2017 Annual Report (3.7mb)
2016 Annual Report  (3.3mb)
2015 Annual Report  (6.6mb)  
2015 Annual Report
 (flipbook version)
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report (27.1mb)
2012 Annual Report (6.0mb)
2011 Annual Report (2.7mb)
2010 Annual Report (11.8mb)
2009 Annual Report (5.1mb)

2008 Annual Report
Reports 1 (10.67mb)
Reports 2 (10.03mb)
Faculty of Accounting and Informatics Report (2.59mb)
Faculty of Applied Science Report (3.2mb)
Faculty of Arts and Design Report (6.66mb)
Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment Report (1.59mb)
Faculty of Health Sciences Report (4.43mb)
Faculty of Management Sciences Report (2.6mb)
Report ofCFO& Chair of theFinance Committee (1.7mb)
Annual Financial Review (7.59mb)

2007 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report
Contents and Reports
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Health

2005 Annual Report

Biotechnology and Food Technology
Annual Report 2007

Research and Postgraduate Support