Advertising: Role and Function

In light of the increasing pressure on advertising budgets and the importance of ensuring that every marketing rand counts, it is imperative that the Durban University of Technology (DUT) focuses on the recruitment of quality students. DUT needs to maintain a consistent presence in the marketplace through ongoing advertising in South Africa’s leading newspapers, particularly in career-focused educational supplements. DUT makes use of above the line, below the line and through the line advertising in communicating DUT’s messages to our target market.

As the university moves from operating as an institute in the past, to operating as a university of technology, it is important that we identify media that will reflect the university of technology angle. We are employing the sms route which will be displayed in all our adverts. This system ensures that when a potential student or donor sees our advert, irrespective of the time of the day, they may request additional information on DUT in addition to what is covered in the advertisement. We are also exploring the webmail route ensuring that we are strategically placed in terms of our target market.

Marketing: Role and Function

Marketing is a strategic function, undertaken to facilitate the implementation of DUT’s Strategic Plan to improve competitiveness and ensure our sustainability in a changing world. Marketing is strategic and successful only if it is an integrated institution-wide activity. Implementation of strategies should be driven from a central, corporate functional unit, without regard for divisional boundaries or ‘turf protection’. It is a managerial process that involves analysis, planning, implementation and control.

Marketing enables DUT to achieve competitive advantage in student recruitment, visibility and reputation building, and fundraising.

We must know our markets to survive and succeed. Effective marketing therefore depends on thorough advance planning and careful implementation. We have positioned ourselves as ‘a university of technology that makes knowledge useful’.

Strategic marketing and communications, which require innovation, creativity and dynamism, are absolutely imperative. Corporate strategy, creative leadership, enhanced synergy, and a marketing orientation with social and cultural factors will guarantee the integrity and future of DUT.

What we aim to achieve through the services provided by this department:

  • Increase awareness of DUT, its image, reputation and course offering.
  • Increase student enquiries.
  • Increase conversion of enquiries to registrations.
  • Increase student numbers by recruiting students outside of KZN.
  • Attract top-class students.
  • Ensure that communication is accurate, consistent, timeous and professional.
  • Ensure that the markets perceive the functioning of DUT as ‘business as usual’.
  • Continue to reinforce the positioning of DUT as ‘a University of Technology that makes knowledge useful’.
  • Build brand awareness and establish DUT as the preferred choice for tertiary education. It is important for DUT to differentiate itself on superior value. The market must believe that they are making an investment in their future, that the qualification they will achieve at the end of their studies is worth the price they have to pay

Examples of branding are Corporate Identity Elements, Radio Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Cinema Advertising, TV Advertising, Internet Advertising, Banner Advertising, Bus Branding, Street Pole Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Corporate Marketing Video, etc.

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