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What The Clinic Does

Radiography is the art and science of producing medical images of the human body by making use of ionizing radiation, sound waves and magnetic fields. The Department of Radiography provides training in the four (4) main disciplines of Radiography which include Diagnostic Radiography (D), Nuclear Medicine (NM), Therapy (T) and Ultrasound (US). The Radiography Clinic facilitates the training of students from all these disciplines. In addition, the clinic accommodates the practice of general x-ray procedures by Chiropractic students for training purposes.

What The Clinic Offers

The Radiography Clinic offers a quality service delivery of general x-ray procedures to patients (staff, students and public) using state of the art equipment (computed- and digital radiography). All images will be accompanied byan official radiologist’s report. The operating hours for the Clinic are Monday to Thursday (08h00 am to 16h30 pm) and Friday (08h00 am to 15h00 pm). The Radiography Clinic has Ultrasound- and Mammography facilities as well as a Therapy planning unit for training purposes.

What The Procedures Of The Clinic Are

It i5s preferred that patients are scheduled by appointment to ensure that optimal patient services are being rendered. Patients must present with an appropriate referral letter for bookings to be made at the Radiography Clinic reception. Patients can be referred from by medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists as well as professional nurses with a primary healthcare qualification. The Clinic receptionist will ensure timeous and efficient patient bookings. X-ray prices are dependent on the type of x-ray required and the clinical request. These prices will be provided upon making a booking. All payments must be made at the DUT cashiers on the Steve Biko Campus. The proof of payment must be presented at the time of the appointment.


Contact Person

Muhammad Administrative Assistant: Muhammad Faiz Ahmed
Tel: 031 373 2451
Campus: Ritson Campus