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Xoliswa Dlamini is a dynamic 23 year old who is reaching for the stars. The young and passionate Durban University of Technology student is studying towards a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in Maths and Physics. She was recently given the prestigious title of “African Green Campus Initiative Ambassador” for 2013/2014.

The African Green Campus Initiative started in 2007 and it addresses issues pertaining to sustainability at university level. It focuses on different projects that all tie up to sustainability and campus recycling.

Xoliswa represented DUT in South Africa and abroad. She started her leadership training in 2011 as a House Committee member and she was appointed to be the Secretary General of the Central Housing Council. In 2012 she was selected to be one of the USA delegates who attended the American study tour and represented South Africa in one of the Association of College & University Housing Officers (ACUHO-I) programmes in New York City and Colorado. Apart from being selected for this programme, Xoliswa even had the honour of singing the South African National Anthem at the NACURH (National Association of College And Residence Hall) Conference in USA.

The NACURH is an organisation of students committed to developing leadership, honouring diversity, recognising achievement, promoting scholarship, as well as stimulating engagement and involvement among students who reside in college and university residence halls. Through programmes and services, NACURH provides leadership opportunities for students, shares residence hall programming resources and best practices, and coordinates activities with appropriate professional associations and business partners.

Xoliswa has also represented DUT in the African Green Campus Initiative where most South African universities meet, to share, learn, teach and compete in all environmental issues and sustainability. DUT took the first place in the New Comer Category. In 2013, DUT was titled the best Campus to successfully implement (AGCI )Aspen Global Change Institute programmes . This has led to her then being appointed to be the African Green campus Initiative Ambassador on a national level for 2013 until this year (2014).

“I develop strategies to change and improve the living and learning environments in all institutions by doing awareness campaigns, educating and encouraging campaigns which seeks to promote sustainability, cleanliness and to create conducive environmentally, friendly institutions. Going green is my what makes me tick. I touch one to reach many in order to make a difference for our children, the next generation,“ said Xolisa.

This year also saw Xoliswa release her own Gospel album titled Singayaphi in March 2014. She also attended the the High Education South Africa (HESA) conference in Johannesburg earlier this year, representing DUT in the Education Dean’s Forum (EDF) colloquium.
For Xoliswa, her aim is to educate as many people about the importance of sustaining our environment and sees it as her calling to do bigger and better things in time to come.

– Philiswa Xulu

Pictured: DUT’s global environmental ambassador Xoliswa Dlamini aims to educate as many people about sustaining our environment.

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