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Beat The Queue With Online Registrations

Beat The Queue With Online Registrations

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Not interested in queuing to register for your course? Then online registrations are the perfect option for you.

The good news is that DUT introduced online registration three years ago, phasing in the process two faculties at a time. Even greater news is that this year (2014), every student at DUT will be able to register online, with the Accounting and Informatics and Arts and Design faculties being added to the online registration mix.

Follow these online registration tips and you won’t go wrong.

First-time entering students must have:

• Paid the minimum fee installment due at registration (see registration costs below for more information).
• Submitted the required documentation to Student Admissions.
• Received notification of a firm offer from Student Admissions based on your final matric results.

Returning students must have:

• Settled any arrear fees.
• Paid the minimum fee installment due at registration (see registration costs below for the amount).
• Fulfilled the requirements for promotion to the next level of study in the relevant programme.
• Submitted all outstanding documentation.
• Complied with the below rules.

Registration Costs

For students not living at our residences, the minimum first installment on online registration is:

• R3420-00 for annual students
• R2100 for semester non-residence students

For students living at our residences, the minimum first installment on online registration is:

• R6840-00 (tuition plus residence) for annual students (includes tuition and residence).
• R4200-00 (tuition plus residence) for semester students (includes tuition and residence).

NSFAS students must pay their family contribution, if any, on registration as their first installment. If the family contribution exceeds the abovementioned amounts, the difference must be paid according to the DUT’s fee installment plan. The installment plan is specified in the Fee Booklet. In the event of the fees costing less than the first installment requested by the University, the lesser amount will be payable on registration.

Top Tip

To avoid complications, payment must be made at least five working days before registration through Standard Bank using the M65 Deposit Slip made available on the DUT website. Go to, click on Students and select Deposit Slip under Information. Failure to ensure that all relevant payments have been made will result in your registration being blocked. Bring your proof of payment when you come to do your online registration. You are eligible for a 5 percent discount if you pay your fees in full.

Don’t have a computer at home?

Simply consult the registration timetable for the exact times, dates and venues for online registration at a specified computer laboratory at DUT. The University makes available people to help you complete the process.

Have a computer at home?

Simply register via iEnabler. Visit the DUT website ( Click on Students on the DUT homepage then click on Student Self-Service (web reg, results). Enter your username (student number preceded by DUT) as follows: DUT\student number. Enter your password (first six digits of your ID number preceded by Dut) as follows Dut123456. After logging in, click on Registration under the Student Web (Menu Pane) and then click on the links step by step.

Registration Timetable

The registration timetable posted to you will provide you with the exact date and time for your programme.

Top Tip
If you do not register at the specified date and time of your programme, you will register during the late registration period and will be charged the late registration fee.

Outstanding Documentation Which May Affect Your Registration

Even if you are a returning student, you need the following documentation to register:

• Any outstanding original documents, eg, senior certificate (not statement of results), identity document, study permit (if you’re a foreign national. These documents must be submitted to your Faculty Office the week before you register. Your statement of results is temporary, so, if you previously submitted it to your Faculty, you will now need to submit your senior certificate in order to register.
• No student will be re-registered at registration without Indemnity and Surety forms being returned, completely filled out and all the necessary documentation attached. Please ensure that the forms are signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths as you will need these forms to register.

Postgraduate Students
ALL Master’s and Doctoral students must register each year.

You will register through the DUT website and then iEnabler. Please become familiar with iEnabler. You will need to know your password to access iEnabler. You can access your exam marks, progress reports, fee balances and change personal details, etc. If you cannot remember your iEnabler pin to login to register, then your request for a pin reset will be sent through to your DUT4Life email account.

DUT4Life Email For Students
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– Sinegugu Ndlovu

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