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DUT Graduation – Traffic Alert!

DUT Graduation – Traffic Alert!

Traffic on Steve Biko Road (formerly Mansfield Road) on the Berea in Durban will be monitored by Metro Police from tomorrow (Friday, 11 April 2014) to Wednesday 16 April 2014 (excluding the weekend), owing to the Durban University of Technology’s April graduation ceremonies. There will be two checkpoints on Steve Biko Road, one will be at the corner of Steve Biko Road and Ritson Road, whilst the other will be stationed at the corner of Winterton Walk and Steve Biko Road, near the Durban Fire Station. Staff/contractors/visitors and those attending the graduation would be allowed beyond these check points from either direction. DUT students are urged to please use Ritson Car Park.

The University would like to thank the residents and community in the area for their patience and understanding and apologies in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused.

Please note that traffic flow on the Steve Biko Road will normalise after 20h00 during the aforementioned dates of graduation.


The Division of Corporate Affairs at the Durban University of Technology

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