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DUT Honourary Graduate Ela Gandhi Urges Graduates to Always Remain Humble and Honest

DUT Honourary Graduate Ela Gandhi Urges Graduates to Always Remain Humble and Honest

There are two important attributes that every person needs to build into their life to succeed, and that is humility and integrity.

This was according to Ela Gandhi, peace activist and granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, after being conferred with a honourary Doctor of Technology Degree in Health Sciences in recognition of her untiring commitment to community welfare, non-violence and reconciliation in South Africa and internationally.
Ela was honoured during today’s (Thursday September 6, 2012) DUT Spring Graduation at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus.

“There are two very important attributes that we have to build into our lives in order to be really successful. What we mean by “successful” is a topic for another day, but let me just say that for me, success is not about being wealthy. These two attributes are humility and integrity. Humility helps me to acknowledge my mistakes because if I acknowledge them, I can rectify them” she said.

Gandhi said it is always when we refuse to acknowledge our mistakes that we continue to live with them, which eventually leads to failure.
She said integrity helps her to cultivate the highest values in whatever she does. “My smallest act will always be guided by the highest values. That then makes me proud of myself and I feel satisfied. Much more satisfied than having material things,” she said.

Gandhi said a job well done is always satisfying and gives much more to one’s self image than money.

“You are happy because you have done the best you can, you are happy because in doing your best you have nothing to hide, you are happy because you know that your work is good and that it makes you feel good about yourself. But most of all, your happiness changes the world around you because now, you begin to see a happier contented world, a new fresh world in which it is good to live. So it is possible for us to create that new world. You are now on the threshold of that new world”, she told graduands.

–Sinegugu Ndlovu

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