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Difficult Love (2010)

Difficult Love (2010)

Zanele Muholi’s award winning documentary Difficult Love will be screened at the DUT Art Gallery during Human Rights Week:

About the documentary:

Muholi’s award-winning documentary Difficult Love (2010) has shown at various international film festivals, among others, the InsideOUT film festival, Toronto; CinemAfrica Film Festival, Sweden; the 26th Gay/Lesbian Film Festival, Torino, Italy; Afrykamera film festival, Poland; the Stockholm Pride festival, Sweden; the film festival of Douarnenez, France; Africa in the Picture film festival, Amsterdam; and Side by Side film festival, St Petersburg, Russia.


Difficult Love has since won 4 awards, among them:

– 8th Bilbao, Zinegoak GLT International Film Festival’s Lesbianism and Genre Award granted by the Equality, Cooperation and Citizenship Area of the Council of Bilbao in Spain, January 2011

– Second award from the “CINHOMO”, the Valladolid LGBT Film Festival Spain, April 2011. ?- Best short film (less than 60 min.) at Africa In The Picture Film Festival, Amsterdam, October 2011

– Best Documentary at the Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Dates and Times:
Tuesday 20 March at 5:00pm
Wednesday 21 March at 5:00pm
Friday 23 March at 5:00pm

About the artist:

Muholi has contributed her photography to many “queer” and art publications and academic journals

For more information contact the Gallery curator on 031-373 2207 or email

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