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Empowering Women for Social Change

Empowering Women for Social Change

The Durban University of Technology’s Gender Forum hosted a workshop facilitated by Lubna Nadvi, academic lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) under the theme: Empowering Women for Social Change.
The widely attended workshop was aimed at empowering women.

Nadvi spoke about challenges women encounter in their everyday life, be it academically, domestically or in their communities. Nadvi sits on the Advice Desk for the Abused, a South African NGO dealing with domestic violence.
Women attending the workshop found that in as much as their backgrounds may be different, their experiences are similar and they are fighting the same battles.

Nadvi said in some cultures women are still seen as inferior to men. DUT Gender Forum Chairperson; Ranilla Pillay, said if you empower a woman, you empower a nation. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s class quote “Be the change you want to see”, Pillay emphasised that change starts from within and is an individual journey.

“If you can allow yourself to change for the better, you have the power to uplift other people around you”, said Pillay.

Nadvi said women need to stop feeling inferior to men. “Women need to be confident enough to climb the corporate ladder without feeling less of a person when men are present. Women must not allow perception define who they are. Women need to claim their positions”, said Nadvi.

–Nomvula Sikakane
On the picture Women attending the one day workshop themed: Empowering Women for social Change.

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