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Foreign Students Visit DUT Journalism Programme

Foreign Students Visit DUT Journalism Programme

The Durban University of Technology Journalism Program was recently visited by three students from Singapore who have just completed their bachelor’s degrees in Media and communications from the Nanyang Technological University Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Singapore.

Goh Siew Luah, Rebecca Cheang and Abigail See jetted into South Africa to present their Master’s Thesis in communication studies at the International Media and Association Research conference in Durban.

‘’Many people warned us about South Africa being very dangerous but instead, we have found this country to be very friendly and warm”, said Cheang. The Singaporean students seemed to be enjoying themselves in South Africa. They said locals were helpful, adding that a Durban woman was teaching them to use the People Mover shuttle service.

The three students planned to back to their respective communities when they returned home. “Journalism in Singapore is not a viable career as in other countries, our media is not as big as in South Africa”, said Luah.

“The media houses in Singapore are largely owned by government. The important fact though is that journalists are not clamped down by government. The media is not censored as corruption is reported on whilst certain things that you are not supposed to report on are referred to as “Out of Bounce Markers”, said Cheang.

Luah said she wants to work at a Public Relations firm since Journalism is “not a viable option in her country”. See plans to work for government or community development organisations related to women and abuse. “I am involved with mission and community service organisations” said Cheang, adding that she plans to do more to help the underprivileged specifically, those in low income families.

–Samkele Thabani Maseko
Caption: Singaporean Masters in Media and Communication Studies students recently visited the DUT Journalism Program.
L-R: Goh Siew Luah, Abigail See and Rebecca Cheang.
(Photograph: Kwanda Sithole)

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