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International Publications Now Accessible Online At The DUT Library

International Publications Now Accessible Online At The DUT Library

The DUT Library has an exciting addition to the wide range of services which will be thoroughly enjoyed by avid newspaper and magazine readers.

Library PressDisplay (LPD), a service offering the world’s largest aggregated collection of digital versions of newspapers and magazines, is now available at the DUT Library.

LPD is an innovative digital service developed by NewspaperDirect Inc. – the world leader in out-of-market newspaper and magazine distribution.

With over 2200 publications from 100 countries which are printed in 57 languages, LPD bridges the distance gap for literature enthusiasts worldwide. Users can access any publication, depending on its availability on the website, in its original format with just a simple title and country search. Once a publication has been opened, a user can either browse the pages or start reading the text.

But that’s not all; users can choose from an array of functions which include copying and pasting, saving, printing, keyword searching, translation, audio and even sharing text through social media. What’s better is that the service can also be accessed via mobile phones.

There are currently 36 South African publications found on the site which include newspapers such as The Mercury, Sowetan, Isolezwe, Pretoria News, The Star and The Witness.

According to Camilla Thumbadoo, DUT Librarian, the archives section of LPD stores up to 60 days of old issues. However, this period can be shorter or longer depending on the publisher.

Lucille Webster, Director of Library Services at DUT said learning of this innovative website for libraries prompted the one-year subscription which the DUT Library has with Library She explained that since this is a trial phase, the subscription only allows for a maximum of five users at any given time. She added that an increase in user capacity will depend on the demand.

“Our newspaper subscription bill is rather large. We ensure that all the major newspapers are available at the 6 library sites. Through the years though, we have had problems in terms of the timeous delivery of newspapers from outside the province such as The Star. No one wants to read old news. The whole institution is slowly but surely migrating to an e-platform (instant access is key) and we hope Library PressDisplay will be able to see to these needs,” said Webster.

Library PressDisplay can be accessed in two ways:


When accessing LPD from any of the DUT campuses visit the DUT Library website on and under the “Quicklinks” section, click on “Databases”. Thereafter, scroll down and click on “Library PressDisplay” and this will lead you to the Library PressDisplay homepage.


When accessing LPD from a remote area visit the DUT Library website on and under the “Quick links” section, click on “Off-campus Access”. Thereafter, scroll down and click on “Library PressDisplay” and this will lead you to the login page.

Staff and students can login using the following method:


Use your student number eg. 20145678 as your username and your password will be Dut and the first six (6) digits of your Identity number. So if the first six digits of your ID number are 123456 then your password would be Dut123456.


Use your DUT username (i.e. the first part of your email address) and your current password (i.e. the password you use to access your email).

Upon completing this step, you will go directly to the Library PressDisplay homepage.

– Naledi Hlefane

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