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Postgraduates learn how to write for Professional Journals.

Postgraduates learn how to write for Professional Journals.

Honorary Research Professor at DUT, Dr Kathleen Nokes provided essential guidelines on how to write for professional journal’s, at the DUT’s, Tromso Annexe, Research Boardroom, Steve Biko Campus on 23 July 2014.

Dr Nokes, who is internationally recognised for her experience in academic publishing, was invited by DUT’s Research and Postgraduate Directorate and the International Office to facilitate a workshop entitled: Writing for Professional Journals, to share her vast knowledge and expertise on the topic of which she did, as well as giving pointers on the fundamental processes of journal writing.

Dr Nokes is a registered nurse (RN), (FAAN), who has a PhD in nursing and is the Professor at Hunter College (Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing) in the City University of New York (CUNY) and Doctoral Faculty Graduate Centre.

Her current goals entail assisting with building research capacity, to promote great volumes of quality research that will academically profile the DUT as a destination for future advanced scholarship.

Her current collaboration with the postgraduate nursing programme includes HIV/AIDS education which forms an integral part of the nursing curriculum and outreach practices. Dr Nokes also discussed how some individuals might not be supportive of your topic for your journal.

“I was given advice by a friend not to do research and write about HIV/AIDS but I did it anyway and the research turned out to be very good. At that time I was the ‘go-to’ over 50’s person in the United States of America. People sought my advice on HIV/AIDS and doing my research on this topic definitely worked in my favour,” said Dr Nokes.

Essential advice on professional referencing, putting everything in folders and having drafts in different storages were also emphasised by Dr Nokes throughout the workshop.

Information Technology M-Tech student Mr. Ridwan Fasasi thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and tips provided. “The presentation was well organised, Dr Nokes truly knows the ins and outs of publishing and what it takes to write effectively and constructively,” he said.

The general consensus by the audience was that the workshop was very informative and insightful.

Dr Nokes thanked the DUT Research and Postgraduate Support Directorate as well as the International Office committee for making such an event possible.

Consultations with Dr Nokes are an hour each and can be made by Ms. Selisha Ramduth on

– Talent Buthelezi

Pictured: Honorary Research Professor at DUT, Dr Kathleen Nokes provides essential guidelines at the workshop.

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