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Updated Statement from DUT Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ahmed Bawa

Updated Statement from DUT Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ahmed Bawa


Dear all

Following the violent student protests at DUT today, we have taken the decision to suspend all academic programmes until further notice. This is applicable to all lectures in Durban and at the Midlands Centre in Pietermaritzburg.

We will still continue with the registration process and we urge all remaining students to please complete their registration for 2014. There will be an increased security presence at the Durban and Pietermaritzburg registration venues.

If any further protests take place, we will shut down the University, which includes the closure of all residences. We cannot allow the safety of our students and staff to be further compromised by the student protestors.

Students, please continue to monitor your DUT emails for future updates.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Ahmed C Bawa
Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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